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Chilled storage rental is provided by Carrier Rental Systems using two methods:

  • External on site modular chilled/cold store rental.
  • Internal systems that convert ambient areas into chill store areas.

Both these methods offer the client a flexible solution to on site storage problems. Modular containerised cold store rental gives an immediate solution to storage problems whilst the internally sited chill store equipment gives benefits in terms of space and on site flexibility.

Carrier Rental Systems will install equipment which will convert an ambient storage area to temporary chilled storage with minimal modifications required within the client's facility. This on site internal chill store rental can create areas for packing or picking of products to meet seasonal or contractual demands without the need for capital expenditure or expensive off site storage.

Also Carrier Rental Systems can create temporary blast chill rental systems that can be an extremely cost effective method of adding additional temporary blast chilling capacity to any process to decrease cooling time. These rental blast chilling systems utilise low temperature air handling equipment to pass a high volume of low temperature air over a product within an insulated enclosure which is positioned in the client's premises to reduce product cooling time.

Carrier Rental Systems have installed temporary refrigeration systems to provide complete chill store cooling during construction or modification of logistics centres for a variety of blue chip clients. These systems use Carrier Rental Systems fleet of low temperature rental chillers coupled to specially designed, low temperature air handling units which provide an efficient high specification and reliable temporary system.

Carrier Rental Systems containerised/modular storage systems also provide high specification cost effective solutions where the need is for a smaller system. Both of these modular and internal chill store hire options are client focused and allow Carrier Rental Systems chilled storage systems and cold store rental systems to be tailored to meet the specific demands of the project.

Whether you require rental chilled or cold storage to:

  • Increase site capacity to meet contract/production demands.
  • Provide additional cooling to meet varying product requirements.
  • Add blast chilling capacity to decrease cooling time.
  • Create temporary packing or picking areas to increase site efficiency.

Whatever your application, Carrier Rental Systems will provide an efficient reliable chilled or cold store rental system with a complete service support package to match your specific requirement.

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