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Seasonal ice rink success reported by Carrier Rental Systems

Carrier Rental Systems has reported that following a review of its festive temporary supply activities it can report its most successful ice rink season ever, with almost thirty ‘real ice’ ice rinks provided all over the UK. One of its largest customers, Cousins Entertainment, a company run by skating star Robin Cousins, has also reported that it had an exceptionally busy winter with its Carrier-supplied rinks being used by more skaters than ever before.

“This is clearly still a growing phenomenon,” explained Cousins’ Director of Ice Operations, former champion international skater, Alan Albretti. “When we began over ten years ago we used to take the same rink from place to place over the season. Now with Carrier’s help we run several rinks at the same time. The technology used in the chillers from Carrier Rental Systems has several independent compressor circuits adding enormously to their reliability, which is essential for us and our customers.”

One of this year’s more remarkable temporary ice rink installations was in the Cathedral Close at Winchester where the entire rink and the chiller equipment that serves it had to pass through a low, narrow, restricted medieval wall opening. Ice skating may have been envisaged as a Christmas activity when the Cathedral was built but the technology needed to support it cannot have been imagined.

This installation is especially remarkable due to the spectacular views that can be seen from the Cathedral tower. Carrier Rental Systems and Cousins Entertainment provided the facility in conjunction with Dean and Chapter who installed and de-rigged the ice rink with the absolute minimum of fuss and disruption in less than a day at either end.

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