Case Study - C4 Carbides

Customer – Tungsten Carbide Blade Manufacturer/Cambridge

Project – Process Cooling Chiller Project/Temporary Chilled Water

Duration – Second Quarter 2007 – 4 Week Hire

C4 Carbides case study

Customer Requirement:

This company contacted us with a requirement for process chiller hire for their production facility in Cambridge, as the customer’s current chiller system had failed and was beyond economical repair. The replacement chiller had not been ordered and would not have been due for at least 4 weeks from the date of order. The customer was concerned that they needed to be able to maintain the chilled water systems to provide the production cooling water that went to each machine in their building. Part of the process is running chilled water over the blades to lower their temperature. The tungsten carbide grit is metallurgically adhered to the metal and if this is not at the correct temperature then they can’t guarantee the uniform profile of the tool.

Carrier Rental Systems Solution:

The requirements of the project were assessed and Carrier Rental Systems solution was to provide a Carrier Rental Systems 50 Chiller with an internal buffer tank, coil in tank heat exchanger and fluid pump. We advised the customer as to how and where to modify their pipe work to get the most efficient benefit of the chilled water that was to be supplied. We located the chiller at the rear of the building that was close to the existing faulty chiller, this made the connections into the system quick and simple with a short length of temporary pipe work connecting the flow and return of the modified system. We advised the customer’s electricians about the size and type of power supply that was required, they organized this and we supplied a suitable cable to run out to the chiller to power it. All of the smaller chiller units have CEE form appliance connectors to make the electrical connection simple to just plug the unit in.

C4 Carbides case study
  • Equipment List - Carrier Rental Systems 50 Chiller/Carrier Rental Systems Internal Circulation Pump/Cables/2” Bauer Hose.
  • Benefits to Customer – Without the chilled process water the customer could not manufacture one of the toughest cutting materials that they produce, which would have affected their ability to provide to their customers and ultimately would impinge on their sales/profit.
  • Outcome – Carrier Rental Systems offered a solution, implemented it and had the system on-site within 48 hours of receiving the initial enquiry.

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