Case Study - Heathrow Business Centre

Customer – Heathrow Business Centre/Facilities Management Company (Heathrow)

Project – Low Temperature Hot Water Boiler Project/Temporary Heating

Duration – First Quarter 2007 – 8 Week Hire

Heathrow Business Centre case study

Customer Requirement:

The on-site facilities management company contacted us with a requirement for heating the building in Heathrow as the customer’s current boiler system had none of the three boilers working and the replacement boilers were not due to be installed for a further 7 weeks. Their customer was concerned that they needed to be able to maintain the heating systems to provide a comfortable working environment which included preheating the fresh air supply and providing hot water as part of the existing boiler set up.

Carrier Rental Systems Solution:

The requirements of the building were assessed and Carrier Rental Systems solution was to provide a low temperature hot water 485kW temporary boiler house. As the boiler was situated on the roof and they required a rapid response; the quickest, safest and most cost effective method was to situate the boiler at the side of the building in a service area and use the Carrier Rental Systems catenary wire system to run the pipe work up to the 5th floor roof. This unique system is quick, safe and does not look unsightly like a normal scaffold going up the side of the building. Once on the roof with the pipe work we found suitable connections into the system with Bauer to Flange reducing adaptors and we connected the flexible 2” Bauer hose into the buildings heating flow and return. We advised the customer’s electricians about the size and type of power supply that was required, they organized this and we supplied a suitable cable to run out to the boiler to power it. We also arranged and managed all of the fuel supplies - (gas oil) to ensure the smooth operation of the system to keep the boiler full of fuel at all times.

Heathrow Business Centre case study
  • Equipment List - Carrier Rental Systems 485 Boiler/Carrier Rental Systems Circulation Pump/Cables/2” Bauer Hose and Carrier Rental Systems catenery wire system.
  • Benefits to Customer – The building had a fully operational heating, preheated air and hot water boiler system, which was used until the faulty boilers were replaced, to keep the building fully operational.
  • Outcome – Carrier Rental Systems offered a solution, implemented it and had the system on-site within 24 hours of receiving the initial enquiry.

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